The Shocking Truth About The Cost Of Ink and Toner – And Why You Should Use Less

If you are like most consumers you probably don’t even think about the cost of consumables on a day to day basis. Some people every now and then do however despise at the cost of ink and the cost of replacement cartridges but rarely do people analyse the actual relative comparative cost. One reason is that commercially once you run out there is always going to be a replacement.


Shocking truth about the cost of ink

Let’s think about it , most of the major manufacturers do not even let you know how many millilitres you are purchasing. In reality the major vendors are undertaking significant research and development programmes to ensure that you always get good quality and there cannot be any doubt that the whole process of getting ink to sit on the paper correctly is complex – however let’s start making some comparisons.

The first major comparison by volume is the cost of ink per US gallon is about £1,960 (R24’696.00) compared to human blood which is values at £1,1000 (R13’860.00)  a gallon – not quite double but a remarkable price .

What makes it even more shocking is that over 90% of most inks are water so in reality the chemicals that are used to create ink are even more expensive if you remove water!. Chemicals are the component that increases your carbon footprint.

Secondly the cost of fuel (petrol/diesel) per litre would definitely shock you when you start to compare costs.

Whilst printing is going to be around for a number of years doesn’t it make sense to reduce the amount that you spend on ink. Typical savings will be in the range of 30% to 70% and is dependent upon what kind of output you are producing.

Most companies want to clearly demonstrate that they are adopting best practice and PretonSaver could make an enormous difference to just about everyone who prints. Once installed it just continues to work in the background without any additional intervention.  Every page that is printed will cost left and decrease the amount of ink you use. Most people will agree that there has got to be a smarter and more affordable way when it comes to using printer ink.

Given that in today’s challenging economic times most companies are looking for innovative ways of reducing costs. If there are secondary reasons why the chosen innovation approach will help the internal green campaign then there is an additional tick in the box.

For more information please email sales at we can answer all of your questions and queries and then you can start saving money whilst contributing to your corporate social responsibility program.

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