Reduce Ink and Toner Costs and Go Green The Easy Way

Given the recent push by governments to go green and reduce carbon footprint many companies are now seeking a variety of different ways to achieve this goal. Corporate recycling is on the increase and will continue to grow but so many initiatives do not seem to have the impact that was first anticipated.

reduce ink and toner the easy way

Reduce ink and toner the easy way

Yes you can recycle old print cartridges and avoid them being buried in landfill. You could choose to refill or purchase ink/toner that has some green credentials but in so many cases this only adds to budgets that are already stretched because of the global economic downturn. Coupled to this companies are purchasing recycled paper and in certain situations they have also joined the many carbon offsetting schemes which all make a difference but fundamentally there must be a way to achieve a tick in the green box whilst enjoying a reduction in the cost of ink and toner.

The great news is that Axiom Software Solutions have recently signed an agreement with Preton to resell their award winning ink/toner reduction software. Preton Enterprise immediately reduces the amount of ink or toner used for all printing. This is regardless of the print composition (graphics, photos or text) but with a remarkable outcome, as it saves a minimum of 25% of the ink or toner costs from day one! Realistically, and with a little tweaking and tuning to your environment Preton can be adjusted to save up to nearly 70% of ink/toner. Before you think that it just prints in draft mode take a moment to consider a few easy technological facts about Preton is doing to ensure that your documents look the same i.e. they have the same look and feel when printed.

Preton software removes unnecessary pixels from the pages it is about to print. If you blow up any image on a screen you will find that pixels are square. To print these square pixels your software puts a circle around the square. When it is all assembled for printing and to ensure you get the correct image there is pixel overlap. This overlap means that at a minute level, there are pixels that can be removed. Outlines are never removed but the overlapping pixels are which results in n sharp images just like you want them.

Although the technology behind all of this is complex with algorithms working in the background the result happens automatically for users with 99% of users not even knowing that in the background Preton installed by Axiom is saving money.

From a Green perspective the less ink or toner used is commendable on the basis that most toner contains volatile organic compounds composition and Green house gases. Emissions from the manufacturing process for a single mono toner cartridge is approximately 4.8 Kg CO2 per new cartridge and a remanufactured toner cartridge estimated at 2.4 kg CO2! When you couple this with paper reduction achieved by using Preton Enterprise print management features you will agree that the reduction in carbon footprint and the savings to the environment then often the cost savings are considered secondary!

Today, Preton Enterprise is saving ink and toner in many global companies maybe we could do the same for you. Check it out by phoning or e-mail us now!

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