Saving Ink – It’s An Easy Way To Go Green And Save Money

Going Green at work doesn’t need to be hard and when you discover PretonSaver, you will see how easy it is to reduce your companies carbon footprint. Experience savings without making a huge impact on your day to day business operations.


Save toner while you print full, crisp colour pages

Once you decide to install PretonSaver you will immediately start to benefit from using less ink and toner while printing FULL, crisp colour documents without compromising on quality of output! Like many products you use on a daily basis, Ink and Toner will increase your carbon footprint when used in a normal printing environment. We at can help you reduce your companies carbon footprint by saving ink while you continue to print crisp colour or black and white pages – so your documents will still look good in front of your clients.

Logically anything that can be done to reduce carbon footprint, save money for your department, reducing expenditure while going green would be welcomed by most companies. And PretonSaver, once installed, starts immediately to save on ink or toner, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Contact us now so we can help you save ink and reduce your costs.

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