You can save Ink and Toner Costs using Preton Saver software and not compromise the rich and vibrant quality of your prints.

Compare software packages below giving you the best solution to help you save on your ink and toner costs reducing the cost of printer ownership.

Description PretonSaver Enterprise PretonSaver Premium
Target Audience Enterprises (thousands of users) SMBs
(25-500 users)
DB Support Centralized database for managing users, printers, and applications.
Reports Usage reports, savings reports and resources reports. Overview/User/Printer/PC/Application Overview/User/Printer
Print Rules Determines settings such as omission of elements, duplex printing, and more.
Print Policies Determines the savings level for each document.
Standalone Mode Allows users to enjoy savings while printing outside the network (for example at home). *
User Interaction Every user can independently control saving levels for each print job. Optional Optional
Pixel Optimizer A technology that uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete wasteful pixels.
Central Management Central management of print rules and policies across the organization.
Number of Users A maximum number of users supported. Unlimited Up to 500
Print Audit Trail Audit trail of the documents printed throughout the organization.
License Type Licensing options. User/Volume User

* Does not apply to volume licensing