Extraordinary Software Innovation Can Save at Least 30% of Your Printer Costs

Software Innovation continues to amaze but just being amazing isn’t good enough in today’s tough economic climate. However, if you coupled software innovation and a guaranteed saving then people start to listen. Has everything really been invented or are we still on the cusp of something exciting? Consider the so called simple task of printing a page but this time from a technological perspective. There is clever technology that makes even simple tasks look easy and because it looks so easy nobody even thinks about it!


Saving Ink with Pixel Optimizer™

Check out PretonSaver Enterprise and its patent pending technology removes unnecessary pixels from each page of output resulting in ink and toner savings. This remarkable innovation saves 30% or more of your ink or toner budget from day one and yet this is invisible to the end user. The really good news is that with minimal customisation PretonSaver Enterprise can be further refined to increase and deliver improved savings of over 50% which means you save even more money as you use less ink and toner. Saving ink and toner is impressive but imagine saving ink and toner but having the output document look the same as the original!

The way technology works is that it converts the square pixels that you see on a normal computer screen and adds a circle around the square. This is because printers are expecting to see circles but pixels are square – so without any fuss, a circle is put around the square to satisfy the appetite of the printer. These overlapping circles are assembled at the print stage but inevitably there is pixel overlap resulting in unnecessary ink or toner that has been put on a page.

PretonSaver Enterprise automatically removes the pixels that overlap but delivers the same high quality documents without using the same amount of ink. The software has a low Windows overhead and just works in the background without the end user even knowing all of this is going on. Utilising it’s impressive algorithms, PretonSaver calculates exactly what can be removed on every page, dynamically retaining the border of each character and only removing internal pixels. Users do not have to specify if the document being printed is text, text and graphics and any other combination. PretonSaver Enterprise automatically makes any adjustment just before printing by using it’s element identifier – effectively it reads each section and applies appropriate savings to each of them. If it’s a graphic or photo it will make the appropriate reduction of pixels.

The result is crisp documents that cost less to print. Because PretonSaver Enterprise is also flexible it can be deployed by group or specific user. The powerful Print and Printer management that comes as standard will have all of the metrics you need, including, the busiest printer, busiest user and much more. This can be used to provide the internal business intelligence particularly if you want to charge users for printing.

With millions of happy users globally, PretonSaver could decrease your Carbon Footprint, contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility activities and save you money without any major overhead or difficult implementation. By using this software innovation you can easily make a difference regardless of whether there is a recession – and let’s face facts, saving money and going green are huge topics that you can help to address.

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