Preton Enterprise

Much More Than Toner Reduction

As a Preton Enterprise user you can expect a more holistic view of your printing enterprise as standard. You benefit from all of the toner reduction software but also some additional features including printer management and analysis. From a single console you can have an awareness of your enterprise seeing where the printing bottlenecks are.
With PretonSaver Enterprise™ you can reduce the toner cost per printed page with Ink and Toner Saving Software from Axiom SW Solutions.

  • Intended for enterprises with thousands of users
  • Save up to 70% of printing costs
  • Central management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Print rules and policies
  • Print audit trail

The PretonSaver Enterprise™ is software that could save you as much as 70% of your printing costs without compromising on quality.

Based on Preton’s unique patent-pending Pixel Optimizer™ technology, it uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete pixels that are not necessary to maintain the high quality level printing, dramatically reducing toner and ink usage.