A Secret Way To Save Money In Challenging Times

An obvious way to start saving money is to stop printing and start viewing documents online. However for most companies this exercise has been undertaken with only sporadic results. The facts speak for themselves today confirming that the many businesses units still rely on printed material rather than online viewing.

Save Money and Save Toner

Save Money by Saving Toner

The resources and cost required to change programs to display accurately what should be printed are costly. Couple this with the technologies required to optimise on-line presentation, companies are finding the costs colossal. Now add the complexity of different versions of web browsers developed by different vendors with different size screens and different operating systems and you get an interesting result. For many, when you put all of this together, you are often talking about a medium to large project and not the tactical strategy you wanted to adopt!

PretonSaver is therefore likely to be the answer. Typically the cost of ink has increased to such a degree that the overall cost of toner is now more expensive than vintage champagne – strange but true. Given that printing is still an expensive overhead, reducing the cost of printing can make significant savings to the expenses.

The savings that you could enjoy are typically somewhere between 30% to 70%. These vary on the basis that certain types of printed materials use much more ink. Typically you could save between 30% to 40% if you just printed regular printed output/documents. This could increase to 70% if you printed company brochures rich with photographs which are typically ink heavy. Charts are also heavy ink users and you could expect to save up to 50% on ink.

The really interesting part of these savings is that users do not even know that behind the scenes Preton Software is calculating exactly how to make these incredible savings and yet nobody will notice any difference on a day to day basis because Preton works in the background. Powerful algorithms makes the necessary changes and the user still enjoys printed output that looks exactly the same, yet you save significant money on ink and toner costs. Most companies now commonly print a combination of text, charts and photos and therefore it would not be unusual to save 50% on your toner charges.

So if saving money is on your business agenda (and why wouldn’t it be), you now have the opportunity to make incredible savings without impacting the quality of output and without asking your users for manual intervention. Simply put, Preton saves you money by reducing what you spend on replacing toner and ink.

To find out more about how you could benefit from intelligent printing email us now and start enjoying a reduction in your toner costs.

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